Police Job in Qatar

Qatar is a country rich with exquisite natural resources and wonderful career opportunities. From education to commerce and form business to law enforcement, there is nothing in which the economy of Qatar is deficient. There are enormous numbers of opportunities in literally all the possible spheres of human life. Qatar welcomes interested candidates from all over the world in every field of professionalism it has to offer to the public at large.

As a rapidly progressing nation, Qatar has to meet with a number of law and order challenges and threat. To counter them effectively, the country has an extremely dedicated professional police department. Since the country continues to progress, new troubles and law-enforcement issues evolve routinely. This means a thorough expansion and fresh additions to the Qatar police department.

The foremost thing to consider is that the police department constitutes an integral part of law enforcement which is directly supervised by the country’s ministry of interior. The department admits both male and females into the service. All the candidates have to attend a police academy before their final submission to the police department. Qatar’s national police force is composed of numerous departments and divisions.

For admission to Qatar police, the age of the candidates has been restricted between 18 and 30. The candidates are also required to be fluent in Arabic reading, speaking and writing. Minimum education background of those aspiring to join the force is 12th standard. Candidates with lesser qualification are not eligible to apply.

Multiples jobs surface during different times during a year in numerous departments and division of the police force. The jobs are offered in a wide range of areas. For example, one of the aspects of Qatar police department is a vacancy of airport passport officer. There is also a general recruitment in Qatar police that invites candidates to send in their resumes for positions such as doctors, nurses, cooks, technicians, carpenter and others.


In order to apply for the recruitment in police department, the interested candidates can send in their resumes and details through an email.

Before you apply for the job, it is suggested as a good practice that you ensure yourself about the kind of job you are looking for. Once sure, go ahead and send your application. Employment with Qatar Police department requires an extraordinary level of diligence, commitment and professionalism. Be sure you have these qualities before you apply them. The profession is richly rewarding as well.