Oil and Gas jobs in dubai

Why should I do a job in the petroleum industry of Dubai?

The petroleum industry of Dubai:

The whole Arabian Peninsula is rich in oil and gas reserves. The total production capacity of this area is not up to its full potential. The investment is coming in Dubai for establishing the oil and gas industry hence there is a continuous increase in the number of jobs in this industry.

The scope of the job in the petroleum industry of Dubai:

If you have chosen Dubai as your job destination then you have taken a right decision. The prospects of the job are excellent there. One gets promotion after the specified years of service. The salary is increased annually by the company. Once you have settled there, you can invite your family too and set them in Dubai. The cost of living can be easily covered with the salary. The retirement benefits are also given to the employees depending on their job position or scale.

How to get in the industry?

There are different qualifications required to enter the industry of oil and gas in Dubai. One can be selected on the basis of a full degree in the oil and gas technology or petroleum engineering or one can be selected on the basis of the certification as there are many certifications available on this subject.

Benefits of working in Dubai in this industry:

There are many rewards for the people who want to work in the oil and gas industry of Dubai. The salary package of the companies is quite good and most of the employees are satisfied with it. The paid holidays are given to the employees because it is not safe to work in the field for a full year hence the employees can tailor their work schedule to visit their home after completing the required hours in the year. Mostly, the employee is required to work for 6 months in the field and the other 6 months are given off to him so he can visit his family. Some other benefits are:

Health insurance:

The company is responsible for giving health insurance to the employee. The health insurance covers all the medical treatments given to the employee during his stay there.

Tax free income:

One of the best things about working in Dubai is that your income will be tax free and you will carry all of your earning to your home without paying a single penny in tax.