Oil and gas job in Qatar

Oil and gas sector:

Oil and gas sector is considered one of the most lucrative job sectors. The salary packages are quite good and there are other perks too. The most liked feature in oil and gas jobs is that you get nearly six months paid leave. So, one can enjoy that time with his family and friends. Qatar is known to provide many positions in oil and gas industry to the foreign expatriates.

Relocating to Qatar for an oil and gas job:

Qatar is a good option to do a job. The salary packages are decent and the lifestyle is quite good. But there are many things to consider while deciding to accept a job offer in Qatar. There are many regulations which must be considered before taking any decision about relocation to Qatar. For some people, the relocation can be really fruitful while for some people, the relocation can be a tough job. It all depends on the job position offered to you as well as some regulations of the country. Let’s have a look at some important things to consider before deciding about the job offer:

1: Sponsoring your family for reunion visa:

There are some special regulations regarding the sponsorship of your family. The first rule is that not everyone is allowed to apply for the visa of his family. Only the expats earning more than 10,000 QR are allowed to sponsor their families for the visa. You should have completed atleast six months of the job to brighten your chances of getting a visa for a family. Your company can play an important role in this process. The rejection can be appealed by your company.

2: Leaving the job and picking new one is not allowed mostly:

Another problem is that most of the contract signed by the employees contains a clause which restricts the employee to change the job. Hence, chances are there that you will not be able to change the job. So always choose the best job offer which can save you from the regret.

3: Healthcare system:

Health care system of Qatar is not in a mature state. There is a medical insurance system under Hamad Medical Corporation. It provides free medical treatment to every person who registers in it and even the foreign expats can get themselves registered in it. But one has to wait in long queues to get treatment under this program while the private treatment is quite expensive.