Engineering Jobs in Dubai

These are some of the most demanding jobs found throughout Dubai. Not only do they want the person to be highly educated but also want them to have an experience of couple of years. With an economy which relies heavily on the construction, business engineers are very important for their economy. If you are looking for engineering jobs, there are a number of websites like and There are various heads under which you can apply as an engineer. The most common ones are:

1: Steel design engineer: these are usually for pre-engineered buildings. If you are applying here you are supposed to have prior experience and should be able to use relevant software like MBS. It is basically an area of knowledge where engineers are required to design different steel structures. The structures could be different from schools to bridges, it could be everything and anything. The person is supposed to have a lot of knowledge regarding the field and should’ve worked before in the specific industry.

2: Design engineer: they basically have to work towards the design of prototypes, testing products beforehand to make sure they are free of issues when launched in the market, project development and contributing towards the design aspect of any model. Detailed modeling is required along with proper drafting and structuring. The person working for this has to work on different software, a requirement for all engineers today, however sometimes employer also tell their preferences in terms of software which they want the engineer to use and only a professional can do that. Plastic prototypes need more detailed modeling so an engineer applying for this particular position should be aware of that.

3: Project engineer: the first task of a project engineer would be to develop objectives based on project proposals. Different bids coming from contractors have to be reviewed and the person should be able to assign different people to supervise and work over different elements. Product performance should be confirmed by testing it. Project schedules should be maintained and a proper project plan should be made and controlled by the project engineer by reviewing the design and specifications. He should try to minimize project costs and maintain a record of all the project data by writing it and backing it up. Project status reports should be prepared by collecting, analyzing and summarizing information.