Airport Jobs in Qatar

As a fast developing economy, Qatar is a country filled with rich career opportunities for candidates both locally and globally. It gives impressive career opportunities in almost all spheres of government and non-government sectors. There are emulating career opportunities in educational, petroleum, gas, and commerce sectors of the fast emerging Qatar economy. As with the progress in other fields, the country’s air industry has witnessed a magnificent boost during the two decades. Qatar Airline is a globally recognized and award-wining airline service.

Qatar’s famous Hammad International Airport is in a continuous search for talented experts in a vast domain of divisions offering hundreds of vacancies to entice in the most able and adept experts both from within the country as well as eligible international candidates.

The Qatar is presently offering vacancies in such divisions as informational technology, Administration, Finance, Human Resource management, Facility Management, Sales, Marketing, Audit, Cargo, public relations, Transportation, engineering, security, quality management and many more. Different vacancies continue to pop up throughout the year during different times. However, it is important to note that the job applications are invited for a short period of time and candidates normally have a very short span of time to apply for the job by submitting their resumes in the manner properly described. Doha international Airport in Qatar is offering jobs in positions such as purchasing agent and customer service coordinator. Qatar Airways is now inviting applications for customer service representative, Airport pass officer and certain others.

Though and overwhelming majority of the jobs offered are of full-time employment nature and permanent, occasionally temporary jobs are also offered for candidates.

How to apply

The applicants can submit their professional and qualification details according to the manner prescribed in the proposal. This includes submission of CVs and Resumes through electronic mail and sometimes a postal mail. Again, it should be remembered that the jobs are open for a very short period of time which means you will have a very short period of time to send applications.

There are some suggestions that the candidates may bear in mind while applying for the job.

  • Ask yourself: Is this the job you really want? This is an important question that will determine the success of your professional career.
  • Are you sure you have adequate skills to cope with the requirements and challenges of the job? Different jobs require a different combination of skills. Be confident that you possess those skills to live up to the requirements of the job.

The opportunities are enormous and endless. Apply and earn success!